Welcome to my web pages!

Here you will find a little about me - I do not think that such a topic can be interesting for all (but maybe thats only false modesty), but there is much more about SCALE MODELING IN D.

d became very strong scale modeling center. Many events connected with the topic resulted in the need to present it on the net. I will try to update this page when new plastic scale kits or magazines are introduced.

Data shown here is not simple advertising. It is displayed for informative purposes only. The author does not accept responsibility for accuracy as the material is presented as supplied to me by firms, persons, and institutions of the model industry in d. Please send me any comments or questions - piokas@csk.am.lodz.pl

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This site was created, written and is maintained by Piotr Kasprzak 1997

Many thanks to: Kent O'Grady from Calgary, Canada and Piotr Harka from d, Poland.

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